Denis Jamet, Carole Colin and our Chef Julien Boscus

Our head sommelier Arnaud Fâtome and our sommeliers Hervé Vika and Medhi Prigent

Les Climats

For anyone who loves Burgundy,  the name already says it all, passionately.

Carole Colin and Denis Jamet have opened Les Climats restaurant to share their passion for Burgundy wines.

For several years, Carole and Denis have been going down to Burgundy almost every week to meet, taste and buy. During their trips, they’ve developed special relations with the winemakers they love the most.

Their wine list is absolutely amazing, representing the varied wine heritage of an entire region and the work of over 210 master winemakers.

The Wines

François Raveneau, Hubert Lamy, Arnaud Ente, Vincent Dancer, Etienne Sauzet, Jean-François Coche-Dury, Jean-Marie Guffens, Sylvain Pataille, Armand Rousseau, Denis Mortet, Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier, Thibault Liger-Belair, Cecile Tremblay, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Domaine Leroy...  

Our guests have endless choices; our wine list is a two hundred pages book. 

The Cellars

281 Winemakers
2 080 wine references from 25€ à 9 255€

In our custom day-cellars - les caves de jour - kept at ideal temperatures, await 594 bottles of white and 3 684 bottles of red, ready to be served. 

In our storage cellars, we keep 19 860 bottles and it keeps growing...



The Tastings

Several times a month, at la CAVE des CLIMATS, 35 rue de Verneuil Paris 7ème, we organize tasting events where you can meet the wine growers and makers, and taste the wines we love.  

We offer 2 types of events : B3 “Bourgogne Bourgogne Bourgogne” around winemakers from Burgundy and C3 around winemakers from outside Burgundy.

You can find the schedule in the Events category or on our Facebook page.